BME communities should get on the bus and vote at this year’s General Election

Media Diversified

by Colin Joseph

The OBV eXpress bus could be coming to a town near you over the next month or so as part of Operation Black Vote‘s drive to get BME communities to vote in this year’s General Election.

Until April this year, the OBV eXpress is set to visit towns and cities across the UK, as well as colleges and many inner London areas, in a bid to tackle woefully low voter registration numbers within BME communities. It was launched with the help of 100 or so supporters on a blustery and rainy day last month in Brixton’s Windrush Square.

So far around 1,000 unregistered BME voters have been contacted by OBV eXpress staff and volunteers after each visit.

The bus is equipped with high-tech computers that enable up to 30 people to register to vote at any one time. OBV staff and volunteers will also be out…

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